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Following, are examples of electronics that we clean and restore:

  • Offices – Computers, work stations, display monitors, scanners, inter-office networks, servers, routers, printers, copiers, fax machines, phones, IP phones, paper shredders, projectors, video-conference equipment, adding machines, cash registers, credit card machines, security/surveillance equipment
  • Entire data centers -- servers, data storage devices, security proxies, network infrastructure, cable/medium infrastructure, etc.
  • Industrial – Process controllers, robotics, electronic-controlled manufacturing and automation devices, display monitors, bar code readers, scanners

Electronics manufacturers that we service include: Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, LG, LexMark, IBM, Gateway, SONY, Philips, Toshiba, Samsung, Allen-Bradley, Siemens.


A 6-Part Process


Electronics Restoration & Cleaning Services utilizes a 6-part process to professionally clean and restore your electronics and appliances. While much of our cleaning is conducted at our safe, secure facilities, for some of commercial/industrial clients, we recognize you need to be up and running and secure as soon as possible. So, in these cases, we deploy our mobile cleaning lab and drying chambers to clean on-sight:

  1. Assessment

  2. When an event occurs, our ERCS team immediately travels to your business, data center or home and assesses each electronic device or appliance. As we move through every room of your office, factory, home or data center, we determine whether each item can be cleaned and restored, or whether it must be identified as a total loss.

  3. Inventory and Documentation

  4. For the items that can be cleaned and restored, we will thoroughly photograph and inventory each item. We extensively document specific details pertaining to each item, such as its make, model, condition, location in your facility, etc.

  5. The Pack Out

  6. In preparation to remove the items that we will clean and restore from your business or home, we first will disconnect and uninstall all electronic devices and appliances. This includes disconnecting all power cords, pulling out slide-in appliances, unscrewing/unfastening pieces, disconnecting electric codes and gas lines, and ensuring the gas line is properly secured.

    Anticipate us carefully safe-guarding your items, packaging them inside our truck, and transporting them to our premises.

  7. Restoration/Cleaning Process

  8. When your electronics and appliances safely are within our premises, our ECRS team conducts an initial, brief cleaning. We then place your larger items into a clean, sealed, and controlled atmospheric drying chamber. A special heater pumps hot air into the drying chamber for many hours. All other items are placed into a separate drying chamber.

    Once all items are dry, we disassemble them and carefully identify, tag, and file all materials and pieces that have been disassembled. We then extensively remove all internal and external contaminants from your electronics and appliances. We utilize gentle, green chemistry specific for electronics, and purified water to rinse items. Your items are placed in a separate drying chamber only used for freshly-cleaned items.

    We physically assemble your cleaned items with their cleaned components in a clean assembly room, where all tools and materials are separate from other areas of our premises. After photographing them, we conduct final testing and configuration for proper operation of each item, including setting it to factory defaults.

  9. Storage

  10. We prepare each item for storage and tag, and move them to a climate-controlled storage area. Each item is properly organized and store-housed, so that you will receive each with its power cord and components, and labeling will indicate where it will go within your company. Our safe, secure facility is an alarmed building containing surveillance cameras with close-circuit tv that tapes 24/7.

  11. Return of Your Electronics & Appliances!

  12. Upon delivering and unpacking all of your electronics and appliances, you will have the opportunity to inspect each item. We then install them where they were previously located.


We invite you to contact Electronics Cleaning & Restoration Services

at (248) 597-5900.

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