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Why Clean/Restore Electronics & Appliances?

Our goal at Electronics Cleaning & Restoration Services is to clean your electronics and appliances in ways that will maintain your equipment's original performance.


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Contamination is the principal reason why electronics or appliances items fail. Regular airborne contaminants, such as dust, chemicals, etc., continuously are deposited on electronics and appliances, and their insulating characteristics often cause overheating, erratic performance, electrical problems, and component failure.


We can more easily diagnose performance problems in clean equipment. Further, replacement components may not be necessary when the existing components have been cleaned. Of course, worn or defective components should be replaced, yet cleaning eliminates unnecessary replacement of usable components.


When a fire occurs, soot particles certain plastics that release chlorides contribute to destructive corrosion. When there is water damage, adverse effects occur to electronics and appliances, due to pre-existing particulates, water-borne contaminants, and minerals in the water.


Safe, Water-Based Methods
Today, it is possible to quickly, completely, safely and economically clean most electronics and appliances, even those that are profoundly contaminated, and return them to their previous condition. Water-based solutions that combine de-ionized water with specific detergents significantly have transformed electronics/appliances cleaning and restoration. As the “universal solvent,” water can easily and effectively dissolve many materials.


In fact, electronics manufacturers use de-ionized, modified water to clean components before final assembly. The water is nearly non-conductive, which is essential to avoid static electricity. Free from minerals, no remains are left on the electronics.


The forceful solvent of water eliminates contaminants on electronics and appliances. Safe detergents add powerful chemical activity. Thermal action heats the water to approximately 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and mechanical action brushes, scrubs, and/or uses medium-pressure spraying.


As a result, less-expensive electronics, which in the past would have had to be thrown out, now can be successfully restored using safe detergents and water. And, all of your electronics and appliances can be quickly, completely, safely and economically cleaned and restored to their previous condition.


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